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First, my most sincere thanks tom Mr. Whistler of Star Rainbow Company (SRC) for sending this magnificent new AEG.
The G36 is the result that came out when HK wanted to make a replacement for the long lasting G3 rifle. During the development even a few designs were rejected. For example the very innovative G11 which was a extremely innovative weapon that fired a caseless ammunition. The new project was then called HK50 and was tried for a while. It was rated higher than the Steyr AUG. The Project HK50 then became the G36. The design is one of the more successful in modern firearms and it is used in almost 30 countries around over the world.
First Impression
The first impression of the SRC C(G)36 when you first open the nice looking box is…..nice.. It is a very nice looking G36 replica lying there in the styrofoam. In the box there are, beside the gun itself, an additional M120 spring, cleaning rod, HI-Cap magazine, some brochures, and a manual. When you take the rifle out of the case you will instantly notice that it is extremely solid. No wobble at all. The material used on the rifle is the same as on the real one --- glass fiber reinforced nylon. All things that is supposed to be metal is metal. The stock is fantastically solid. You can easily see that SRC is very serious with their new GEN III series.

External construction and finish
Let’s have a look at this impressing piece of equipment. Starting at the front you will find the four slit flash hider screwed onto a solid metal barrel, a short one for the C36C and a long one for the C36K. On the C36K barrel is a 3 piece construction including the flash hider and on the C36C it is a 2 piece construction including the flash hider which fit very nicely together. The front hand guard is a very fine and nice fitting front end. It has 3 small rails, about 10cm long and also a sling attachment device on both the C & K versions. The front end can handle a standard 8.4V small type battery or you go for the good stuff and place your money on the Li-Ion battery. Then you can go for either the 7.4V or the 11.1V type. Do bear in mind that the 11.1V battery puts a lot of stress to the gearbox. But according to SRC the Gen III gearbox has no problems with it.

The finish of the hand guard is magnificent.  Moving on to the receiver it is also made of the same material as the rest of the gun. It has some markings on it but no HK logos since SRC does not have any license agreement with HK. It also says SR C36 which is what SRC calls this model. It also has the unique serial numbers. SRC really have paid attention to some interesting details: The magazine release is the same as the XM8. This release is fitted on all new G36 rifles leaving the factory. It differs from the regular one by making it possible to release the magazine with your index finger without letting go of the pistol grip.

On top of the receiver is the metal charging handle,  when it is pulled it reveals the hop up adjustment. The shell ejection port has a very nice finish, it actually looks as it has been shot. The pistol grip features the same material and finish as the rest of the gun and it is very solid. You can find the carrying handle on top of the receiver . On the C version it is a low construction that has iron sights on it which can be flipped between 100/200 and 300-meter mode. The carrying handle has full length mil-spec Picatinny rail. On the K model the carrying handle is a high mounted construction with an integrated 4x magnifying scope. The scope is adjustable in height and sideways. It also features an 8cm Picatinny rail on the back and a fixed backup iron sight. The stock is a skeleton construction. The C version is a little bit shorter than the K version and is folded to the side of the rifle and locks into folded position by a small catch. The magazine is a dark smoke colored see thru Hi-cap that can contain 470 BBs. The simulated gas block is visible through the front grip and it also has the spring that is  supposed to be there.

Operating the SR C36
When you start to use the rifle and swings it around you will very soon realize how well balanced it is. You also very soon discover the very high quality of this rifle. It is really amazing how sturdy it is. I have handled both CA versions and Marui versions and they both feel like toys in comparison. The magazine snaps perfectly into place without wiggling it inside. The fire selector could snap into place a little better but works satisfactorily. The trigger also feels just right. When you fold the stock it feels just perfect the way it snaps in place in both directions. The stock release is a very nice metal construction. The scope on the K version works fine, it should have a little bit longer eye to lens ration but for Airsoft it works good. The hop-up unit is a full metal piece that works really well  and the barrel is a 6.05mm inner barrel.The chrono indicated an average of 368fps over 5 shots with 0.20g BBs. The precision of the AEG is also very satisfying,  9cm spread over 10 BBs at a distance of 35 meters. I used a 7.4V Li-Ion battery for testing and it gave a decent ROF.  The glass fuse is installed in gold-plated holders in the front stock and easily accessible.

Initial Conclusion
Several companies have tried to make replicas of the G36 rifle. Some better and some worse. I must say that this is absolutely the leader of the pack. It is rock steady and solid. The finish of the plastic parts is astonishing. Metal parts are very good with an anodized finish. I would recommend anyone that is thinking of buying a G36 K or C to have a closer look at these SRC models.
Take down guide SRC SR36
Tools needed:

  • A set of Allen wrenches
  • A small Phillips screw driver
  • A medium Phillips screw driver
  • Impact driver
  • Small jar to collect small pieces in
  • Clean surface.
1     Removing the gearbox from the rifle body

1.1 Push the pin out that holds the fore grip in place and slide the fore grip off the receiver. Uninstall the battery and disconnect the power connector.
1.2 Push the pin out that secures the magazine well to the receiver. Remove the magazine well. Be sure to remember which pin fits where since they differ in the way they lock.
1.3 Loosen the three Allen bolts that hold the carrying handle and slide the carrying handle off the receiver.
1.4 Loosen the small Allen bolt that secures the turning pin for the stock. Push the turning pin out and remove the stock.
1.5 Remove the Allen bolt in the back of the receiver that holds the steel block in the back.
1.6 Remove the two Allen bolts, one on each side of the receiver, which holds the trigger module.
1.7 Gently split the receiver and remove the steel block at the back of the receiver.
1.8 Gently remove the trigger module with the gearbox out of the rifle body.
2. Removing the gearbox from the trigger module

2.1 Push the pin out that holds the gearbox to the trigger module.
2.2 Remove the Allen bolt at the bottom end of the pistol grip.
2.3 Remove the two Phillips screws at the bottom end of the pistol grip.
2.4 Gently lift the gearbox out of the trigger module. Beware of the fire selector arrangement.
3. Splitting the gearbox

3.1 Remove all the Phillips screws that hold the gearbox safety lever and remove it. Beware of the spring so you don’t lose it.
3.2 Remove the two Phillips screws that hold the motor base and remove the motor and motor base.
3.3 Gently lift the tip of the gear cover behind the trigger and push it against the trigger to remove it.
3.4 Remove the three Phillips screws that now hold the gear box together. Hold the gearbox together by applying a gentle force to it by hand.
3.5 Slide the steel plate of from the top of the gearbox.
3.6 Gently split the gear box.
To put the rifle back together do all the steps in reverse order.
What we found inside the gear box
Inside the gearbox we found all goodies that one can expect from a top quality AEG.

  • Full metal gears
  • Metal piston head
  • Metal cylinder head
  • 8mm permanently greased ball bearings
  • Metal spring guide with ball bearing
  • Chromed cylinder
  • Fiber reinforced piston
  • Fiber reinforced tappet plate
  • Fiber reinforced nozzle
  • Fiber reinforced selector plate
  • Silicone wires

All the internal parts are of very high quality. The gearbox itself is made out of die cast aluminum.
The motor seems to be a very high power unit. It only has the SRC markings on it but the weight of the motor and the very powerful magnets used indicates a high power unit.
Over all this is yet another very high quality AEG from SRC. We highly recommend it to all players.


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